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User Experience

User experience is the overall experience a person has when using a product/tool such as a website or app. There are several factors that add up to a positive or negative user experience. For websites, these are:

  • Is the website easy to use?


  • Did the site help solve a need or accomplish a goal?


  • Did you have a positive or enjoyable time using the site?

  • Could you locate what you needed quickly?

  • Was the site content useful?

  • Was the site content credible?

To create a positive user experience, a business must incorporate "User Experience Design" or "UX" into their website design process.

Our User Experience process involves:


  • Research - Collecting data about the website’s users, as well as the company itself. This includes gathering analytics data, interviewing stakeholders and subject matter experts, preparing user personas, and more. Data is used to provide meaningful recommendations and derive solutions to company/site problems.

  • Site Audit (if applicable) - Reviewing the company’s current site (the one that will be replaced) and collecting information about needs that may have been overlooked in the interview process.


  • Content Audit - Determining whether: 1) the existing content will be re-used, 2) new content will be written by the company, 3) new content will be written by Stoke


  • Information Architecture - Determining how information will be structured and presented on each page and across the site to maximize the experience for the user. This includes the creation of site maps, wireframes, user flow models, and more.


Who Needs It?

Companies beginning a website design project

Companies who want to make their website more useful and effective

Why Do You Need It?

The benefits of providing a great user experience are:


  • Increased customer satisfaction


  • Increased sales


  • Reduction in customer service calls, freeing up your resources


  • Building brand loyalty, improving credibility