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Social Media Management

Social Media Management involves the setup and ongoing maintenance of social media profiles and accounts on behalf of a business or individual.

Our Social Media Management services include:


  • The development of an internal use policy establishing company-approved guidelines for the creation and maintenance of your social media profiles


  • The development of a social media strategy and company-approved plan blending organizational goals with industry best practices

  • Initial set-up of social media profile


  • Ongoing management and content creation - monthly and yearly plans available


  • Eligible platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and more


Who Needs It?

Companies who wish to save money and resources by outsourcing the management of their social media accounts to experts

Companies who do not have the required knowledge or skills to manage a company social media account

Why Do You Need It?

By actively participating in social media, a business can personally engage with current and prospective customers, collecting valuable feedback and demonstrating transparency and a commitment to customer service. You can also fuel engagement and foster loyalty by communicating useful information and promoting fun contents and giveaways.

Social media accounts also benefit your SEO efforts by generating backlinks to your website.