Copywriting & Content Strategy

Most business owners understand the value of an attractively designed website. Unfortunately, many underestimate or completely overlook the importance of their website content. Effective content should be clear, concise, and user-centric, providing the right content to the right people in just the right place. When expertly written, content increases user satisfaction, improves searchability, boosts your brand, and amplifies your ability to generate business through your site. 

We create high quality, strategically written, effective content by:

  • Developing an understanding of your company goals, user needs and behaviors, services, and more

  • Writing clear, concise content that fulfills user needs, accomplishes your company goals, and aligns with your brand

  • Incorporating business-drivers such as forms and calls-to-action to maximize leads/conversions

  • Adding or adjusting headings, titles, descriptions, keywords, and more for better SEO performance

$400 minimum. Additional costs are dependent upon number of pages, page length, and number of revisions requested by client. Choose between "written-from-scratch" content or editing and improving your existing content.
Word documents of each page, content strategy guide (strategy clients only)

We can also assist you with copywriting for advertising campaigns, email blasts, printed materials, social media, and more. A consistent voice across all marketing materials strengthens your brand.


User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience Design is the process of determining what content should be displayed and how it should be structured on each page and across the website to ensure the best possible experience for site visitors. With a user-focused website design, you’ll be providing a more useful and enjoyable tool for your customers, as well as encouraging return visitors, increasing sales/leads, reducing help requests, and strengthening your brand. 

We create data-driven, strategic UX designs by:

  • Collecting information on your users’ needs and behaviors, your company, products and services, market, and more. This includes analytics data, stakeholder interviews, and competitive analysis.

  • Auditing your current website (if applicable) to review content quality, site features, tools, and more

  • Determining the architecture for each unique page template and creating blueprints that can be used by the visual designer and developer. This includes site maps, wireframes, and user flow models.

$500 minimum. Additional costs are dependent upon number of website pages and number of revisions requested by client.
Site map, wireframes of each unique page template, notes for web developer

Need a graphic designer and/or web developer for your website redesign? We partner with experienced design and development professionals that we can bring in to assist with your project.


Website Content Migration or Insertion

The excitement of a new website is often short-lived as staff members face the arduous task of inserting mountains of text, pictures, tables, videos, PDFs, and more into the new site. Website launches are often delayed for weeks or months as content is reviewed, organized, inserted, and styled. 

Let us handle this chore for you. We’ve worked in content management systems for over 15 years and have extensive experience in a range of CMS including WordPress, MODX, Wix, Squarespace, and Drupal. Your insertion will be completed quickly and allow you to launch your new site in a jiffy.

Our content migration and insertion is performed manually (by a real person). 

  • Inserting plain page text

  • Transferring or adding select on-page SEO elements such as page titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, heading tags, and alt tags

  • Adding and testing links

  • Applying text styles and formatting

  • Inserting pictures, video, PDFs, and other applicable files

  • Adding table content (as allowed by CMS)

  • Ensuring that the new page is as consistent as possible with the page’s previous iteration (or better!)

$350 minimum. Additional charges dependent upon number of pages and page length.
Insertion of all page text with styling and links applied, insertion of pictures, tables, videos, PDFs, and more, as can be inserted or transferred without coding. Also includes select SEO metadata, as allowed by your CMS. 

For an additional fee, we provide proofreading and editing services to help you ensure that the content on your new website is free of typos, grammatical errors, missing text, and more.

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