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About Us

Erin Ortiz   |   Owner

Erin has over a decade of experience in digital media, both on the creative side and the technical. In her career, she has:

Worked with a broad spectrum of clients from small mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies

Personally managed the design, development, launch and ongoing maintenance of over 60 websites

Served companies in a variety of industries including financial, health/medical, construction/architecture, non-profit, and retail

Crafted copy for numerous websites, email blasts, advertising campaigns, brochures, newsletters and more

Managed a range of social media accounts for client companies - including the creation of the account, development of a company plan, content creation and on-going management

Fostered her passion for making the web a better, more user-friendly place to visit

To learn more about Erin's background and experience, please visit her LinkedIn page.

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